About Us

About Us

We, Wuxi GSPV New Energy Co.,Ltd, are a leading solar photovoltaic products research, production, sales, and service company that was established in 2002.

Our product range includes,

● PERC solar module: from 365W to 660W
● Topcon solar module: 420W & 700W
● Small solar module:  from 10W to 200W for solar systems

These productd are used for residential rooftop installations, commercial and utility-scale power plants, solar street lighting, off-grid applications, and more, which have been highly appreciated by our customers and exported to international markets.

Additionally, we currently have a fully automated 3GW PV module production line. All our relevant products are certified with CE, TUV, and ISO.

At Wuxi GSPV New Energy Co.,Ltd, we aspire to join hands with our clients and make a contribution to the green energy sector of the world.